Tuesday, June 3, 2008

21st, festa di mesiano & a visit from aims...

So the big 2-1 was good. I woke up in the morning and Joey and Sezen had decorated the apartment with balloons, a cake, presents, and a bottle of champagne. It was sooo cute, especially since I thought this would be the first year with no cake. That night we met up with some friends for aperitivi in town, then went to two bars on the way to this outdoor concert. After the concert we headed to our fave underground wine bar, vino e sensi. All-in-all it was a good birthday. Really cool that I can say I celebrated it in Italy. Definitely a different experience than the American 21st celebrations (not a single shot the entire night!!).

That Saturday the celebration continued at the once-a-year party at Mesiano (near the engineering faculty). We woke up early and stood in line for tickets the week before.. there are a limited number of tickets and only students can buy them. The party is gated-in and there are four or five stages with different types of live music. The day of the party we met up with some friends at a restaurant called Padevena to get some food in our systems before the partying began. From there we walked to the festa and got there around 3 in the afternoon, and stayed until it ended just after midnight. There were so many people there, and the weather was perfect.. it was a good time.

The next day was spent laying in the sun and recovering. Last weekend the weather was nice, but before then.. and still now its been really rainy. Monday was a national holiday.. not sure which one because they seem to have holidays on an almost regular basis. Either way classes were cancelled. Another day of dolce far niente. Went out for sushi in Pergine with some friends.

TUESDAY the big day. AIMS arrived. Definitely spent some time stressing about how on earth she was going to figure out the shuttle busses and multiple trains to get to Trento without knowing a single word of Italian, and not having a cell phone or way to get ahold of anyone if something went wrong. I woke up and went grocerying because that night we were having a going-away party for two of our friends. Really sad that people are leaving Trento, I wonder if I will ever see them again :( Anyways before the party we were having a pot luck dinner, and everyone was supposed to bring a regional dish from their country. I decided that I would make chicken quesidillas. I trekked out to this random Latino Food shop, only to find that they didnt sell cheese, tortillas, salsa or tabasco sauce. I ended up going to a normal grocery store and had to get these weird wraps instead of tortillas. And they dont have any type of yellow cheese (cheddar, montery jack, etc) anywhere. So I had to get mozzerella and this other white cheese instead. Also got some hot sauce, red pepper, onion and chicken. Then I went to the train station to find Aims... who didnt get off the first train. I was a little worried, having visions of her on the wrong train in some random European city.. luckily the next train arrived two hours later and THERE SHE WAS!!! It was soooo good seeing her.. it had been almost 4 months... the longest we have gone our entire lives without seeing each other. Apparently she had met some Italian guy who carried her bag for her and showed her exactly where her stop was. Definitely a miracle. Amy was a little delirious from the 24+ hour traveling without sleep and hardly any food. We went back to my apartment and caught up on life in general. The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing my quesidillas (which were a big hit by the way) and jello shots (which confused many foreign students who had never seen gelatin in their lives).

Yesterday I was up early for class, and let Aims catch up on some sleep. After class we went shopping in Trento (till we dropped). I introduced Amy to the local bev of choice, spritz, at Aquila d'Oro before meeting up with Joey for a really good dinner at this restaurant we had never been to before, called Olde. Ordered the cheese sampler plate as an appetizer and it was definitely not as good as the Villa Madruzzo cheese plate. My swordfish pasta on the other hand was delicious. Last night was another party at Vela for the English boys who are leaving tomorrow! It was fun.. and at our apartment again, which was nice that we didnt have to venture outside in the pouring rain. Its really sad that the weather has been so bad, because usually we have bonfires and bring the festa outside.

Today Amy and I went in town to see the market, which is every Thursday, and to get Pizza da Andrea. Bad luck though. The rain kinda ruined the market experience and the best pizza in Trento was closed until Friday for work. We ended up eating at Aquila d'Oro again instead, and it was good. We were maybe going to go to Venice today, but decided not to because of the weather. We are about to make a hike up to see a monument in the mountains, then to go my favorite little wine bar in town, and I think I will probably cook for dinner tonight.

found out some great news this morning. WINGS WON THE STANLEY CUP!!! wooooooooo

peace out america

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hampidampi said...

You study in Trento? I studied there too, for half a year.
But I never went to the Messino Party :-(.
Have a nice day